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Spay/Neuter All Pets!

No cat or dog should be unwanted.

Every year hundreds of cats and dogs in Thurston County have unplanned litters. You may have seen classified ads seeking homes for puppies or people trying to give away kittens in store parking lots.

It may not seem hard to find homes for cute kittens and puppies - but every one that's given away means one less that will get adopted from the shelter. And if the new owners don't get them spayed or neutered, next year there may be more litters being handed out to strangers.

In addition, some people taking these "free" pets can't really afford veterinary care or pet deposits. They may not be seeing past the cuteness to understand the level of commitment or training their new pet will need. Once past the cute puppy or kitten stage, these animals may be abandoned or turned in at the shelter, and now have to compete with more free kittens and puppies to get another home.

SNAP believes that zero population growth for cats and dogs is the best way to ensure that there are enough good homes to go around. To achieve that goal, 75% of all cats and dogs in Thurston County will have to be "fixed," including strays and barn cats.

SNAP * PO Box 13262 * Olympia, WA 98504-3262

Welcome to the SNAP Website!

Spay/Neuter All Pets (SNAP) is a non profit group dedicated to reducing the cat and dog population of Thurston County via spay/neuter surgery.

Fewer puppies and kittens means reduced government costs for dealing with unwanted pets, and fewer cats and dogs being abandoned to fend for themselves.

To make a tax-deductible contribution or volunteer to help, contact SNAP at (360) 786-6313 or P.O Box 13262, Olympia, WA, 98504-3262.

You can also help by donating your vehicle to Northwest Charity Donation Service. Be sure to select SNAP of Thurston Co. as the charity to which you wish to donate.

ATTENTION, STATE WORKERS! You can contribute to SNAP through the Combined Fund Drive. Our charity number is 1478944.

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